Wednesday, March 14, 2007

CBR does Snyder

This [laughs] interview [laughs] is terrible. Seriously, CBR. I know it's all a lovely success story for comics movies, but maybe we could get a little more out of director Zack Snyder on the politically charged criticism of the film than:

Oh, it's awesome! [laughs] Best thing ever! [laughs] When someone says I'm a "homophobic neocon," I think to myself and think, "Oh My God! How awesome is it that they care that much!" That's a lot of caring! [laughs]

Anyway. There's a tiny bit about the prelims on the "Watchmen" movie at the end. Start getting your fanboy hopes up now. It'll make getting them dashed in two years all the more satisfying.

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FyreGoddess said...

My fangirl hopes are high and fragile, just waiting to be shattered by the reality of Watchmen on film.

V for Vendetta taught me that no matter how good the casting sounds, Alan Moore doesn't translate well to film. Although, I suppose it partly depends on whether or not Moore pulls out of the project like he did with V...