Thursday, March 22, 2007

Have we really come to this?

Look out, comics fans. Major news coming out of Birds of Prey 104! Looks like Ice is back. Also, Birds of Prey has reached ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR issues.

Why? WhywhywhywhyjesusfuckballsWHY?

First of all, let's review the great balance sheet of Giffen era Justice Leaguers. Blue Beetle? Dead. Max Lord? Dead. Skeets? Apparently evil, I guess? The Dibneys? Dead and messed up. Fire? Still lame, and working for Checkmate. But Ice? Oh, she's back.

Great. That makes up for Ted Kord taking a fucking bullet.

But back to my main point: Birds of Prey, 104 issues. That's just a shade under nine years of this crap-rag.

Series that have come and gone in that time? (or are so close to wrapping they may as well have)

  • Lucifer
  • Crusades
  • Giffen's Suicide Squad
  • Outlaw Nation
  • Planetary
  • Y: The Last Man
  • Alias
  • Gotham Central
  • The Boys (temporarily)
  • Anarky
  • Tangled Web
  • Orion
God. These are just ones I liked. I'm sure the complete list is pages upon pages.

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redlib said...

I love BoP. and several others you list, including Y and The Boys. It's fun, smart, well drawn characters in both art and concept.