Sunday, March 18, 2007

News & Views

Just some random thoughts on comics:

Does John Byrne jingle change in his pocket when he yells at young comic creators to get off his lawn?

Does every British comic creator think of America as NASCAR and MySpace? Or just the really pretentious ones who create terrible characters and then shoehorn them into a side project of a highly anticipated mini?

Why didn't Jack Kirby just kick Stan Lee's ass?

Why didn't Steve Ditko?

Did Stan Lee apply the Marvel Method to scoring chicks? ('Ditko, you get her into bed and naked...then I'll f**k her.')

If Reggie Hudlin wrote 'House Party' and Reggie Hudlin writes Black Panther, then why isn't Full Force in Black Panther?

And why doesn't T'Challa have a high-top fade?

Why don't I have a high-top fade?

Why don't you have a high-top fade?

Who watches the Watchmen? Is it the Watcher? If it is, then who watches the Watcher watch the Watchmen?

Jeph Loeb wrote 'Commando.' Sylvester Stallone wrote 'Cobra.' Why couldn't the two collaborate on 'Cobra Commando?'

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