Sunday, March 18, 2007

What the?

Sebastian Bach owns a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15. Are you kidding me? Where were you, Sebastian, during Secret Wars II, huh? Where were you when the Puma bought the Daily Bugle? What were you doing during the Spider-Clone saga? I'll tell you where. You were busy writing mid-tempo metal ballads with Skid fucking Row, that's where. Ugh. Shoot me now.


MaxDillon said...

Does Puma still own the Daily Bugle? How did Jonah Jonah Jameson get it back? Why wasn't Puma in Civil War? Whose side was he on?

Wilbur Day said...

Jonah just up and bought it back. I'm pretty sure the Bugle retails for roughly the same price as Madden '08 for the PS3. And Puma was a businessman, so I'm guessing he was on the side of Iron Man's (absolutely correct) war profiteering. All the big companies made a killing in the war. Stark Industries. Oscorp. Stane International. Amalgamated Puma Holdings, Ltd.